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Ready to lose weight for good this summer?

If you’re a women over 40 and want to lose weight this summer there are 3 simple steps to permanent weight loss that you need to know.

Permanent weight loss is possible and doable for you. You don’t have to continue to struggle.

I don’t believe in following the latest fad diet or buying expensive shakes, pills or potions.

Nutrition and food choices are obviously important, but coaching with me is about more than that.

You probably already have consulted with a dietician, nutritionist or your doctor … you might even know ‘what’ to do. However …  you’re not following the advice you’ve been given and you can’t figure out why.

weight loss for women over 40

It isn’t about being extremely restrictive … that kind of diet mentality just doesn’t work but so many women are determined to find the magic diet that will work for them.

When the new diet plan doesn’t work, they get sad, frustrated and angry with themselves and then sabotage their eating.

Weight gain starts again, followed by self loathing followed by a new restrictive diet that fails again  … and the cycle is repeated all over again.

In your 20’s and 30’s it was probably easy enough to to control your eating for a few days and drop a few pounds.

But that isn’t going to happen in your 40’s and 50’s. Our bodies are very complex and years of poor habits in the past start to show up now.

That makes losing weight a bigger challenge.



And the honest truth is that wanting a ‘fast fix’ is part of the problem and sets us up for more failure.

But it’s not impossible at all.

Every woman who has lost weight in her 40’s or 50’s has mastered both physical changes and emotional & mindset changes.


weight loss for women over 40



It’s important to understand the 3 steps to lose weight in your 40’s and beyond.

  1. Understand how your hormones are affecting you and which hormones in particular are the most important ones to pay attention to.
  2. Use the part of your brain that allows you to master new habits and override the part of your brain that keeps feeding the habits that need to change.
  3. Finally and most importantly your emotions. It’s impossible to “hate yourself thin” but that’s what most women think they can do. The opposite is true … and I teach my clients the tools to turn this around for good.

I’m a Certified Life and Weight Coach for women and I can help you lose weight for the very last time.


My new program will help you do that this summer, in the next 90 days.

If you’re ready to finally end your struggle with your weight, please fill out the application below and let’s talk.

I work privately 1:1 with a small number of highly committed women each month. My clients are women who are done with thinking about losing weight and want to make this summer the summer they finally get their best, healthiest body ever.