As a Costume Designer and Style Coach, I have always loved a brightly coloured coat for the winter….it’s one of my “go-to” recommendations for my Personal Style clients. 

North American cities like Toronto and New York can become a sea of black and grey in the winter and adding intense colour, like a red coat, goes a long way to elevate your style, create visibility and  lift your spirits in the winter.

This inspiration look is so vibrant, and warm looking … enough to chase away the chilliest of winter days. Of course, once the snow comes here in Toronto, I’ll have to substitute boots for these gorgeous heels.

In addition, as I recently noticed with the meeting between Nancy Pelosi (US House Minority Leader and Democrat) and US President Donald Trump, a red coat is a very powerful symbol of strength. Everything about Nancy Pelosi’s coat … from the colour, the style, the cut and the closure … was about power and strength. (See the full article in Huff Post here).


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