Clothing colours don’t just look good on you or not; they do so much more! You’ll find lots of references about how colour can be very healing, give you emotional support, as well has help you express yourself. Before you purchase one more thing, read this colour guide and consider choosing a colour for the qualities associated with it. The colour you wear could easily affect your mind, body, and soul!

Wear this colour and exude confidence, power, and authority. It encourages wisdom and self-reliance. When you want to be taken seriously and be recognized for your knowledge, navy is a good choice. Wear it in a shirtdress, a long cardigan, or high-waisted, wide leg pants. Add navy to your outfit with a brooch, watchband, or patent leather pumps.

The emotional tone of white is sincere, fresh and hopeful. Wear it when you want others to know they can rely on you. A crisp white shirt is an obvious choice but also consider wearing it in sweaters, a white wool skirt, a white coat, or carry a white tote. Use it from head-to-toe and it’s creative and expressive.

This colour portrays elegance, sophistication, high authority, and formality. It can also be mysterious and sensual. Wear it when you want to command authority or look like you have it together. A black suit will quiet a room and focus attention on what you have to say. Black is easy to find in tops, pants, and dresses. Consider wearing a black wristwatch, handbag, or belt.

Wear this colour when you want to send the message that you are stable, genuine, and persevering. Wear this colour and people around you know they can count on you to meet a deadline or get your part of the project completed successfully. Wear brown in a jersey knit dress, riding boots, or a cashmere blend blazer. Use it in your accessory items in handbags, wood bangles, gloves, and scarves.

This colour carries with it the traits of luxury, creativity, and loyalty. It can also be spiritual and magical. Wear it to enhance your powers of intuition, or when you want to bring out your creative nature. Purple stands out in a trench coat, a pencil skirt, or a short-sleeved cashmere sweater. Adorn your neck with a purple-jeweled statement necklace or carry a purple clutch.

This colour exudes energy, determination, excitement, and passion. Use it as your power tool and be ready to deliver what’s expected of you, and then some. Wear a red dress and people will be impressed by your confidence. Wear red in a skirt, a jacket, or shoes. Even a little bit of it goes a long way to expressing vivaciousness. It’s also an easy colour to use in your makeup. Choose it for lipstick shades or nail polish.

This colour is all about creativity, enthusiasm, and stimulation. It’s a great colour to wear around children when you want them to join you in your fun activities. Wear orange to express joy. An orange jacket is a great pick-me-up and makes you look alert and radiant. You stand out in orange jeans (when indigo would be the easy choice), an orange handbag (when black would be practical), or orange loafers (because brown would be expected). Be the life of the party!

This colour is nurturing and rejuvenating. It’s peaceful to be around, friendly, and kind. Use it to chase away personal self-doubt and help you re-boot that project you lost faith in. Wear it when you could use some sustaining energy. It’ll encourage you and others at the same time. It’s a great colour for a winter coat, a knit dress, sweaters, or skirts. It can be a daily mantra if you have a green wallet and pull it out several times a day.

This colour conjures up stability, professionalism, trust, and reliability. It’s long been considered a colour that conveys good communication and honesty. When you need to be the voice of reason, or the mediator in a tense situation, wear blue. It’s soothing and calming. Wear it in a shirtdress, a silk blouse, or a mohair sweater. It’s easy to wear blue in a scarf. Consider looking for blue eyewear the next time you’re shopping for glasses.

This colour has the characteristics of being friendly, outgoing, fresh, and young. Use it when you are networking or anytime you feel the need to break the ice with people you don’t know. People will open up to you when wearing this colour. Find it in a blouse, a wrap dress, or short coat. American Indian jewelry uses turquoise a lot. If it suits your style, consider wearing some turquoise jewelry. A neck scarf or leather goods are another choice for keeping turquoise around you.

This colour is comforting, lively, optimistic, and attention grabbing. If you want people around you to feel happy and energetic, wear yellow. Wear it in a silk blouse to the office or a T-shirt with jeans on the weekend. It’s pretty in a twin cardigan set or a summer dress. Add it in accents with belts, bangles, and lightweight scarves. It’s also a great colour choice for an umbrella.

Colour is my specialty and wearing the right colour for the right situation is both an art and a science. I’d love to help you make great choices for you and your lifestyle. Give me a call and we can focus on what looks right on you but also what will align with your personal goals and emotional needs. Clothes can be great counsel when you let them!