What happens when you decide to become visible and to really go for your dreams?

I’d like to introduce you to a lovely friend of mine, Body Transformation and Life Coach Julia Evans.

Julia and I met in Miami last December at an event for the high level coaching academy I am attending this year, obtaining my certification as a Transformational Coach.

I was immediately drawn to her sunny, happy and positive personality and I discovered that she is also a fitness model (which is obvious when you see how gorgeous she is)!

transformational coach, julia evans


The event we were attending was really intense and this first photo is from our last day…our heads were spinning with all the new insights and work we did at the event.

She has been working hard over the past year, developing her coaching skills, becoming more confident and visible in her business and learning to become a dynamic public speaker. She’s really going for her dreams!

She is a woman on the rise. I’m so proud of her for all her accomplishments and the transformation she’s made.

As they say, starting your own business is the world’s best self-development program!

I love being able to see a personal transformation show up in a concrete and tangible way … and these photos of Julia really hit home for me.

She has stepped into her confidence, her natural elegance and increased her visibility in the world with the chic and elegant way she dressed recently for a trip to Paris.

transformational coach, julia evans

When a woman has the internal confidence to to be visible and go for her dreams, she shows up in the world as her most gorgeous and feminine self.

What about you? Are you ready to really go for it in your life and your dreams? Ready to look and feel amazing while sipping champagne with friends in Paris? Create the life of freedom that you really desire?

Transformational Coaching is for you if you:
• Want to become clear on your goals, dreams and desires
• Get support to achieve those goals
• Are thinking of making a career change or starting your own business
• Would like to feel more confident and visible

If you’re ready to take a step into your best life, claim your spot for a complimentary discovery session to learn how Transformational Coaching can help you.

What is it that you would love to do with your life?

Women who have clear direction, the support of a skilled mentor and take consistent action in the direction of their dreams live their life on purpose. Without overwhelm, anxiety and struggle … but not without courage, confidence and compassion.

Click here to schedule your discovery call now.

PS: If you’re interested in a body transformation Julia’s coaching encompasses lifestyle coaching, fitness, nutrition and working with people on their limiting beliefs! Check out Julia’s website here!

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