Having a great wardrobe doesn’t have to be a mystery or a struggle any more.  There really is a science as well as an art to creating style, having the right clothes to wear for every occasion and to understand how to dress your figure really well.

I’d like to invite you to work with me in a very exclusive


I will guide you through all the steps to creating an amazing wardrobe and teach you my 25+ years of insider secrets that I’ve learned working in costumes for blockbuster movies here in Toronto (aka Hollywood North).

I’ve worked with A-list celebrities, actors, actresses … as well as entrepreneurs and corporate superstars on the rise.

I can’t wait to work with you and to see how your style and image develop into the woman you were always meant to be.

You’ll gain so much more than just new clothes in your closet, because you’ll discover your inner confidence, power and grace to be visible and stand out in your world.

personal styling

The beginning of the journey to discover or re-discover your fashion confidence begins with understanding style … who you are, what type of look you want and where you’d like to go in life.

Understanding your style is all about discovering you  The “you” that might be hidden at the moment, but waiting for you to step into.

What colours work for you.  What patterns and textures to include when shopping and which ones to avoid.   What fabrics suit your body.

How to dress your body to flatter your figure now … not when you lose 10 pounds, or the baby weight or get to the gym, but now, exactly as you are.

We’ll define … using words, images, vision boards and tools like Pinterest the looks that you connect with and feel are authentically you.


Did you know that most women only wear about 20% of their entire wardrobe!

Have you ever dreamed of having a complete edit and overhaul of your wardrobe?  To finally let go of the old clothes, shoes and accessories that you’ve grown out of and that are dated and unflattering?

It can be difficult to do wardrobe editing on your own because emotions, financial decisions and regrets and overwhelm can stop you!  

A refreshed and spacious closet will feel amazing and will allow you to find hidden gems in your wardrobe and let you really wear all of your clothes.   

After your closet has been edited, you’ll feel renewed and transformed … much lighter now that you’re not weighed down by an overstuffed closet.



Get ready for the most fun you’ve had in your closet in years … we’re going to create some magic and style your clothes into great outfits that you’re going to love!

Outfits that are perfectly styled for your lifestyle and/or business, and all styled to match your newly defined authentic style.

Your outfits will match your personality, flatter your figure and you’ll be getting more compliments than ever before once you start wearing your new looks.

Plus, you’ll be ready for all occasions and special events, public speaking, and photoshoots. Whatever comes up in your life and business, you’ll have the wardrobe to make it work and feel fabulous in.





Detailed Style Assessment and Welcome package for you to fill out 

Style Recipe … a Style Statement that will describe your ideal Style Archetype.  You’ll also receive a Style Guide for your specific archetype that will give you specific visual reference for the look of your Style Archetype

Wardrobe Assessment  … A thorough review and edit of your current wardrobe. We’ll go through all your current wardrobe pieces, discuss which ones match your style, eliminate the dated or worn items and discuss what needs to be updated or refreshed.

Outfit Styling #1 – Based on your personal Style that we’ve identified as your Style Recipe, we’ll pull together outfits that match your style, using the existing pieces of your wardrobe. We’ll find new and creative ways to use your existing wardrobe and also get clear on what items are missing and need to be added in

Shopping Trip – 1/2 day in-person shopping trip. Adding in new items based on what is missing in your current wardrobe to give you a fresh, updated and polished style.

Shopping – Virtual Selections – I will pull together a capsule selection of wardrobe items for you to purchase on-line

Outfit Styling #2 – After on-line shopping and in-person shopping has been completed, we’ll do another styling session to pull together new looks with all your new pieces. We’ll combine the new with the existing pieces and further refine your style and your outfits.


This is a 6 month VIP program, combining virtual & online consultations, in-person in home consultations as well as 1:1 personal shopping.




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