Valentine’s Day Inspiration

The key for Valentine’s Day is to find the perfect balance of being festive with your outfit but not going overboard. Adding touches of pink to an outfit can take it a long away and leave you looking and feeling flirty for February 14th.

Enjoy being festive on Valentine’s Day, plans or not. If you’re a pink type of girl, you can add a lot of colour with a cozy pink cardigan, coat or top. If pink is not your colour then accent pieces like this Burberry bag, the sunglasses or the watch are perfect.

Whether you’re going for a lot of colour or just using accents of pink, it will all pair the best with creams or winter white. Adding a cream bag like this one by Felix Rey compliments the pink and carries on the flirty vibe. In fact the founders of Felix Rey, Sulaika Zarrouk and Lily Rafii, now Lily Band after marrying Business Consultant Doug Band, design their bags with a combination of bold, flirty and vintage looks. Finally, adding gold jewelry is a great way to dress up your Valentine’s Day outfit!

Duster / Coat / Dress/ Cardigan / Tank / Watch/ Nail Polish / Bag / Sunglasses / Sunglasses/ Heels/ Purse

Guest Stylist: Today’s #OOTD post is ‘Valentine Sweet’ from Adam King, a fashion student at Syracuse University. How did Adam know I love colourful coats … especially pink ones!