We all create a ‘first impression’ on other people … whether that’s meeting someone in person for the first time, clicking on a dating profile or creating a social media profile.

Do you feel like you make a great first impression or do you feel like you know you could do better, but you’re not really sure how or what to change. We all want to feel like we’re presenting our best selves, but sometimes it’s hard to know if we really do or not.

The Style Assessment Report is your opportunity to get professional feedback on your current image,along with my suggestions and advice on changes to make, or aspects to focus on. I will present everything to you in a simple, straightforward report, that will give you the 5 key areas to focus on.


  • You want to know how to make yourself and your brand look polished and professional
  • You want professional, expert feedback on your image and style
  • You have big, ambitious dreams to be successful in your career or business, but the reality is you don’t really feel like a success and aren’t sure what you need to change
  • You’re creating your own business and know you need website and social media images that will attract your ideal clients
  • You don’t know what your “style” is anymore and you’d like professional feedback on what would be the best style for you



The Style Assessment Report is a customized report, created for you to so that you can get feedback and improve your appearance in 5 key areas of style.

I will give you my expert, professional feedback on your current image and I’ll give you my recommendations on the way you can maximize your potential.

Having a confident, professional look is a “secret weapon” for success.

Looking your best will help you attract the right opportunities, clients and offers, so that you can create your best life.


  • Get my customized feedback on your current style
  • Advice and recommendations on the best “style” for you


  • Recommendations on the right colour palette for your skin tone and hair colour
  • Top colour choices for your wardrobe


  • Feedback on your current hair style and colour
  • Recommendations for hair updates or changes


  • Feedback on your current makeup and skincare
  • Recommendations for makeup and grooming to enhance your look



  • Assessment and Recommendations
  • Website and Social media profiles


  • To get started Click the “BUY NOW” button below to purchase your package
  • You’ll receive an instant download of the 11 page Style Assessment.  Download the assessment and then open up the PDF file on your computer
  • Complete the assessment and and email it back to me at the following email address:
  • Begin gathering your photographs. You will be sending me 7 – 10 current photos … full body shots and closeups. You can chose outfits you need help with, and also outfits you really like and feel great it.
  • Once I receive your Style Assessment, I will create a private ‘DropBox’ file for you to upload your photographs and I will send you the link to your folder.
  • If I have any additional questions about your photos or your assessment, I will email you for additional info


  • Customized Style Report of the 5 Key Areas of style with my personal feedback and assessment of your current image and style
  • Recommendations for action, improvement or changes in 5 key areas – Your Personal Style, The Best Colours for You, The Recommended Shapes for your Body-type (and what to avoid); Hair Recommendations; Make-up (or Grooming) Recommendations
  • Your Customized Style Report will be emailed to you and is usually 7 – 10 pages of detailed feedback and recommendations for you. I’ll include style ideas, colour samples and lots of references and ideas that you’ll be able to use immediately to make changes to your style and wardrob