5 style tips staying positive

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Women all over the world are facing this health challenge with courage and fortitude. This could be you or maybe you’re the caregiver that’s supporting a friend or family member going through treatment. In the broadest picture, you may be experiencing hard times unrelated to cancer. Everyone could use some simple tips for staying positive and to help you cope when life is hard. Here they are!

Wear your good luck charms

Look in your closet and your jewelry box. Is there a special item that someone gave you that when your eyes spot it, you feel instantly loved? This is the time to pull it out and wear it a lot. Maybe it’s a family heirloom or a scarf or bracelet that was a gift from your best friend. Wearing or using this item can give you extra strength and ease during these challenging times.

Dress well when you feel bad

breast-cancer-ribbon2Although it could be the last thing on your mind, putting effort into making yourself look good each day can really pay off. Putting care and love into choosing to wear an outfit that pleases you is a true spirit boaster. The bonus comes when you’re out and about and someone compliments you—you can’t help but feel better.

Create order where you can

Sometimes it feels like there’s not much within our control when we’re dealing with a crisis. There are things you can control. Look around you. Is there something you can bring order to? It can be as simple as sorting a sock drawer, tossing worn out tees from your tee shirt drawer, or arranging your closet by color or item. You can gain a sense of accomplishment, enjoy the beauty that comes from creating order, and make getting dressed an easier thing to do.

Update your comfort clothes

Feel nurtured by cozy fabrics in lounge wear. You may be spending extra hours nesting at home, watching movies and eating popcorn. Splurge on tops, bottoms, robes and slippers that make you feel divine. You know what fabrics make you feel that way. It could be cashmere, fleece, soft cotton or silk. Ask a friend to join you on this shopping trip. She may help you see beyond the basics and find the luxurious items that make you coo.

Mimic the spa environment

Do what you can to create a peaceful environment in your home or bedroom. Burn aromatherapy candles. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes. Have fresh cut flowers around you. Choose body lotions and bath salts that please you. Frame quotes that inspire you. All these things demonstrate how important you are to you.

May the hard times be in your rearview mirror soon! And if I can help you create ease right now, please do call me. I’d love to help!