Brand New From Cori Burchell, Style Coach

If You Know 2019 Is Going To Be The Year Your Business Really Takes Off  …

 … but … you don’t know your current style and wardrobe doesn’t match the business rockstar you know you can be … 

… This Could be The Most Important Letter You Read This Entire Year






Hello Female Entrepreneur!

I wanted to write to you today with a very important message I have to share.

Something that I believe you need to hear if you are an ambitious female entreprepreneur, ready to make a big difference in the world in 2019.

Would you like to know about the unfair advantage other entrepreneurs will have in 2019 and how you can get that advantage too?

I’m talking about your Personal Style and your Wardrobe … and understanding how you can use both to take off in your business this year!

If you’ve always wanted to feel that you could walk into any room and OWN IT … then let’s talk about your personal brand and your style. 

I know, from my years of experience as a Costume Designer and Personal Stylist, that when a woman has a wardrobe that is perfectly suited to her and her lifestyle, her confidence soars and she becomes absolutely unstoppable.




Have you ever wondered what happens to the women on shows like “What Not to Wear” after the show is over and they go home?


The participants have their entire personal wardrobe ridiculed on national television and then pretty much everything is thrown out.  


They’re given a quick fashion tutorial and a 10 minute shopping lesson and told to spend their gifted Visa card on a brand wardrobe. Finally professional stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists put them back together again for the end of the show.


Of course, they finish the show feeling great and looking amazing…who wouldn’t!


But … did they really change?


I’ve always wondered what would happen if you went back to see those women 1 or 2 years later.


Well, actually, as an expert Style Coach and Costume Designer I actually exactly what will happen.


Slowy, but surely, those women would slip back to their old “unstylish” ways.

The clothes they bought on the show would still be around, but eventually they would start to buy the same type of things that they used to buy, and dress in the way that they did before they were on the show.




They didn’t actually do the #1 thing that must happen to in order to make a lasting personal transformation. (keep reading and I’ll fill you in … )


Let me introduce myself … I’m Cori Burchell and I’m a Style Coach and award winning Costume Designer, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


I’ve been personally nominated for an Emmy Award and I worked as the Assistant Costume Designer on the Academy Award winning film ‘Chicago’ … which won for Best Costume Design.


In my 25+ year career, I’ve learned all about fashion, style, fabrics, shape, colour, design principles, and creating really interesting and unique characters (I’ll tell you why this is super important for you a bit later) … 


… but it wasn’t until I started working with professional women and female entrepreneurs, that I realized that there was more to creating an effortless personal wardrobe than just the fashion design and style knowledge that I had.


Without these other hidden elements … that most fashion and personal stylists don’t know anything about …


… it’s inevitable that you’ll just continue to have the same wardrobe frustrations, year after year, no matter how many Pinterest boards you create or how many “capsule wardrobe” books you read.


In fact, trying to create a capsule wardrobe or downloading the latest “Top 20 Items Everyone Must Have In Their Wardrobe” lists are kind of part of the problem.


Capsule wardrobe and wardrobe lists make one big fatal mistake … they assume everyone is the same.


And that what works on me … will work for you.


If I’ve learned anything at all in my career, it’s that the exact opposite is true.


What actually works is to discover what is unique and authentic about you as an individual, and then to use clothing as a “tool” to express your individuality and flatter your body as it is right here right now.


When my clients come to me, it’s often because they’ve had it with feeling invisible … they know they’re professional, accomplished and passionate … but the way they look just doesn’t sync up with their professional or lifestyle success at all.


They also might have big career goals … like getting to the C-suite of their company or they’re ready to start a business or personal brand.

They know that they’ll need to be much more visible online and in social media.


Sometimes my clients have a big personal desire, like finding a new relationship or finally achieving their health and fitness goals.


But they have the suspicion that their appearance may actually be holding them back from finding success and (possibly true love).


They come to me because they’re finally ready to stop hiding behind clothes that are basic, boring and just don’t cut it any more.


Clothes that don’t make them feel attractive or sexy or confident.


(And P.S. … That is also what costume design is all about …. creating a unique and interesting character that comes alive in a film or television show)


I call this missing piece of the puzzle the IDS …  “Identity Mindset Shift” and it’s one of the first steps in my 7 step system that I developed to create amazing transformation when working with my personal clients.


IDS is also the missing puzzle piece for the women on shows like ‘What Not to Wear’ that I mentioned earlier.

They didn’t change their mindset …

… or if they did for the time they were on the show, they likely stumbled backwards when they got home, because they didn’t have anyone supporting them (like a coach) in their new identity.


Does that make sense to you?


Wouldn’t you like to get dressed tomorrow and walk out the door, knowing with confidence that you look great? That the outfit you picked out today, and the one you wore yesterday, actually looked good on you? Fit you properly? Complimented your skin tone and your body?


The ‘Style and Success’ program is for the woman who fed up with the daily struggle with her wardrobe and is tired of not having her image and appearance match up with the ambitious, successful, intelligent and professionally accomplished rockstar that she actually is!


During this 6 month private mentoring program, we’ll work together so that not only do you have the style and wardrobe that showcases your individuality and unique personality, but also the confidence and skills to keep your wardrobe looking amazing, no matter what is happening with your weight or the latest fashion trends.


With an improved wardrobe, style and your new ‘superstar’ IDS … you will accomplish your lifestyle and professional goals.


My experience has proven to me that the fastest way to your transformation is to begin with the “exterior” and then continue to work on the “interior”.


(In fact, when asked what his advice would be for someone who wanted to be successful, billionaire Sir Richard Branson said he would advise them to begin exercising!)


In other words, start on the physical & external appearance and you begin to feel better about yourself. When you feel better, you do better … it’s really that simple.


Plus, when you combine that exterior shift with on-going coaching that is focused on a specific goal … the transformational results are usually pretty outstanding.


I love hearing from my clients when they tell me how their lives transform and change after they’ve learned how to get dressed with confidence and style everyday. 


My clients have found relationship partners, gotten big promotions, lost weight, started a family, started successful new businesses … you name, they’ve done it.


Now, I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll get a promotion or lose weight or find your true love … I have no way of knowing if you’re going to put in the effort needed to achieve your personal dreams or not.


But I do know that improving your wardrobe and your appearance is a perfect place to start to feel more attractive and confident.



In fact, that is exactly what happens when I work with actors who are creating a character for a role in a movie or television show and they come for their first wardrobe fitting.


Before we meet, their character is usually just a loose picture in their minds or some musings on paper or in the script.


But in a the wardrobe fitting, their character comes to life and becomes real. The actor transforms from who they are in their own life to stepping into the life of an entirely new person.


It’s an amazing process to be a part of and one that you can also use, when you discover your own unique Style Archetype (see more details below).





  • Learning your Style Archetype and creating your custom “Dream Style Statement” that takes into account all your unique features, your personality, your lifestyle and your values
  • How to shop and select pieces for yourself that highlight and support the very best of your body, colouring and personality
  • Being confident when you shop that you’re making the right choices and spending your wardrobe budget wisely
  • Detailed Body Analysis so you understand the natural shape, line and proportions of your body. This allows you to select clothing that will follow the natural lines of your body
  • Understanding your Shape from a Design perspective (and not a fruit perspective) so that you can understand how to dress to accent your best features
  • Understand how to naturally dress your body shape
  • Understand the best colours for you, for your skin tone, hair and eye colouring and never be unsure about what colours look good on you again
  • The fastest way to quickly uplevel your image confidence everyday (no matter what you’re wearing)
  • Edit your closet so that you have exactly the amount of clothing, and the right pieces for your lifestyle.
  • Learn my version of a “capsule wardrobe” and you’ll love it. You’ll never feel overwhelmed by your closet again and will actually enjoy styling your outfits and getting dressed.
  • Get Access to my secret “stylist system” to create interesting, compliment-worthy outfits everyday, no matter what you’re doing or how casual your lifestyle is (from stay-at-home moms to work from home entrepreneurs to C-Suite corporate executives).
  • Confidently pull together a great outfit from your edited wardrobe. You’ll know exactly what to wear and how to wear it.


  •  Create daily Spiritual practises that go beyond your wardrobe and deepens your connection to spirit so that you’re focused on the things in life that make a difference. You’ll learn to feel beautiful from the inside out, and to appreciate clothing as a special part of your femininity (regardless of your actual Style Archetype)
  • Setting intentions and goals for your success in life, business and career
  • Learn Feminine Success Mindset principles and the IDS system to create a rock solid mindset for your success that goes beyond your closet
  • Learn the best Self Care practises that will support you and your transformation
  • Develop the daily habits that all successful women use to keep growing and developing in life. Create habits, mantras, affirmations and more to support you all day everyday.
  • Bust through mindset blocks. On every journey, there are roadblocks to success. The blocks are there to teach us, not to stop us, and working with an experienced Coach and Mentor will allow you to become aware of your blocks, then transform and work through them.



 The Style and Success 6 month program includes the following:


  • A total of twelve 45 minute Style and Success private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Cori


  • Introduction and Welcome Coaching Package


  • Dream Style Assessment – Includes:
    • Perfect Colour Palette
    • Style Personality Statement
    • Body Shape Analysis
  • Dream Style Vision Board
  • Dream Style Reveal Session
  • Dream Style Plan Directive


  • Virtual Closet Edit Session
  • Tailoring and Alteration Recommendations


  • Signature Style Training Session
  • Unique Style Uniform
  • Customized Capsule Wardrobe Session


  • Password Protected Webpage with Personalized Shopping Suggestions





If you’re interested in the Style and Success program, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s what to do next …


While I’d love to work with everyone, my schedule only allows me to work with a limited number of new clients each month.


I work with women who believe in investing in themselves and their future through the power of private coaching and mentoring.


If you are interested in this program, I invite you to fill out the application form at the bottom of this letter. I will consider each application and invite you to a personal (no obligation) phone call if I think we’d be a good match to work together.


Thank you very much for you time and interest and I hope that we’ll speak together very soon.




Cori Burchell