We could all agree that having a tidy house is more pleasant to live in than an untidy one. It’s very common to hire a professional to help us have that tidy house.

Could we do it ourselves? Probably. Will we have problems doing it? Yes. Can we do it as well as a professional can? No.

This same logic can be applied to wardrobe coordination. There are professionals (such as myself) who can produce remarkable results in someone’s closet within a few hours. Could you whip up a “knock ’em dead” image outfit so quickly like a professional wardrobe consultant does? No. Why not? For starters, you’re not even sure it’s possible. You see thing one thing and a professional consultant sees another.

Here are some examples.

You see the far edge of your closet where you stuff infrequently used clothing pieces, including vacation wear, snow gear and fancy party clothes. You hate to look at that area. You can’t imagine anyone seeing it any differently.

She (the pro stylist) sees an opportunity to bring you some relief. She would calmly assess your need for those items. She’d help you see the potential in the pieces that still work for you. With the things that aren’t working, she’ll make suggestions about where they can go. That area of your closet will suddenly look inviting!

You see floor space in your closet where you’ve piled up cardboard boxes of old photographs and stuffed away old suitcases.

She sees an opportunity to tidy up that area and free up some space. She’ll help you clear out non-wardrobe items and find a new home for them. She may even suggest using those old suitcases to help you store out-of-season clothes. She’s excited about making your closet space a truly organized area so you can access your clothing investments more easily.

You see stacks and stacks of shoe boxes dating back to the 1990s. You don’t even remember what’s inside those boxes.

She sees an opportunity to help you edit those shoes and, in a guilt-free manner, let go of the shoes that aren’t serving a purpose anymore. She’ll suggest resources for fixing your favorite shoes—the ones that are in need of repair. Once she’s done a quick inventory of your shoes, she’ll be able to tell you whether your shoe needs are being met. She’ll have great suggestions. Problems will vanish and you’ll feel lighter and happier!

You see a precarious stack of jeans on your top shelf. They’re ready to topple over any second.

She sees your reliance on jeans and will ask you how they fit within your lifestyle needs. Then she’ll help you go through that pile and keep the ones that work the best for your figure and your lifestyle. She’ll even make you some “new” outfits using your most flattering jeans. What will remain is a manageable pile and ideas for how to wear them in current outfits.

You see about four outfit ideas out of a closet stuffed with clothes. You don’t know how it got that way and worse yet, you feel totally bored by everything you own. You feel despair. You wonder why this continues to be such a problem. You’re sure it’s a hopeless cause.

She sees your frustration and hopelessness as perfectly normal responses to a situation she’s seen countless times in her career. But instead of feeling hopeless like you do, she’s filled with excitement and anticipation over all the possibilities that exist. She knows she can create outfits that will thrill you. She’s confident that she can help you create more efficient ways to see what you have so you wear more of what you have. She knows she’s going to hear you say, over and over again, “Wow, I never would have thought of that!”

If this is the year you vow to get your stuff together and make sense of your closet, be smart and make your first step the one where you dial the number of a professional style and wardrobe consultant and make an appointment.

It’s just too impossible to successfully do this on your own. The results will pay dividends in ways you can’t even imagine at this time. Once you realize there are professionals that handle this part of living, you’ll never return to the bad old days when you tried doing it yourself.

I can make this so easy for you! I am that experienced style and wardrobe consultant and I’m eager to help you today!

And the amazing thing is that I can do this all virtually on a Skype call! You walk me through your wardrobe with your tablet!