“Cori helped me build my confidence and image as an entrepreneur in just one session. She gave me the tools and insight I was looking for; for me to move foreword to project the brand and image I desire to share with the world. Coaching with Cori is empowering and heartfelt. I believe any women looking to revitalize her image and confidence would greatly benefit from coaching with Cori.” Julia

Los Angeles, California

“Cori Burchell is an amazing coach and stylist. When I came to Cori, I felt very frustrated with my wardrobe and like I had no sense of how to showcase my personal brand to the world. I always felt slightly skeptical that a stylist would be able to identify and understand who I was and what I wanted to convey to the world, when even I was having a hard time doing it.

Cori has a process that guides you through understanding your style values and the expression you want to share. The process itself was amazing, I felt very supported, guided and understood by Cori from the very first session. I now have a style statement that feels authentic to me and will allow me to live “on-brand” in my business and life.

If you are looking to speak publicly or communicate your brand vision to the world or perhaps, just desiring to enjoy the process of getting dressed in the morning, I can’t recommend Cori enough for her natural ability to understand how to curate the best version of you.” Kalyn

Detroit, Michigan

I have been working with Cori since 2008. She has assisted me with wardrobe selection, wardrobe maintenance, and travel wardrobe planning. The colour and body style analysis alone has saved me countless of hours in the shops as I now know specifically what works best for me. A systematic approach to outfit selection allows me to plan for a busy social schedule and in travel, select the minimal number of items for maximum effect. Cori is extremely personable and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her services.

– Cecily, Toronto, Ontario

“I find it difficult to deal with change. So I’m not really sure where I got the confidence to follow through with my self-imposed makeover. Having been inspired by the show What Not To Wear, I researched Toronto’s fashion consultants through Google before finally deciding to have Cori Burchell help me achieve my goals.
As she listened to what I wanted to accomplish, she was quickly able to customize my fashion sense and needs at our initial meeting. During a consultation session at a mall, she accommodated my concerns, questions, as well as my budget. She was honest with her feedback and respected my choices if I wasn’t comfortable with an outfit.

Since that outing, I have come to appreciate and enjoy shopping due to the information and knowledge Cori shared with me. When I started to wear my new outfits, even my co-workers noticed the changes and complimented me on my greatly improved wardrobe.

Not only did Cori help me update my image with regards to fashion, she also provided me with referrals to a wonderful hairstylist, Mario Verrilli from Onaré Salon, and makeup artist, Miriam Gee from Gee Beauty. Since my initial meeting with Cori Burchell, I have continued build on my transformation thanks to her guidance, advice, and support.” Emy

Registered Nurse, Toronto, Ontario

“As a young guy living in Toronto, I did my research and selected Cori to provide me with a personalized colour analysis. Part of my motivation was simply to improve my wardrobe and appearance. The other part was financial — I had a closet full of shirts and sweaters that I never wore. Besides fit, arguably the most important element of a garment is colour. And its a very individual thing. The knowledge and tools I gained from Cori’s colour analysis allow me to avoid poor shopping purchases. Today, my closet consists primarily of clothes that people compliment me on. I’m very happy with my decision to contact Cori — I recommend her because she is friendly, professional, and very talented at what she does.” Daryl

Writer, Toronto, Ontario

Cori Burchell helped me update my image for work and for play. I had been hanging on to old clothing that either didn’t fit or suit me anymore, and Cori came over to weed out the clothes that weren’t right for me and to suggest new clothing colours and combinations that would work… and they do! She was the consummate professional throughout our engagement, and followed up the consultation with a really helpful binder of clothing and style examples that I can refer to prior to shopping for new clothes. People have been noticing the change. I can’t recommend Cori’s services highly enough.

Lauren, Marketing Manager, Toronto, Canada

“There was a long agenda awaiting image consultant Cori Burchell when she walked through my front door. I was tired of my cluttered closet, buying pieces that never seemed to go together, or that were similar to something I already owned. I was frustrated by not being able to make outfits work or finding the right looks for me for all the different aspects of my life. The fit of my clothing was another issue – my short waist and arms and largish bust put me at a disadvantage for many of the latest fashion trends that flatter a slim boyish figure.

Cori took all of these concerns in hand, tackled my burgeoning closet and gave me hope for my fashion future. She quickly assessed what worked with my body type, the best pallet for my skin and hair colour, what items I needed to discard and what I should purchase to complete my newly honed wardrobe. With an experienced eye Cori was able to combine skirts, tops, pants, jackets, purses and shoes to give me dozens of options to chose from and at the same time taught me what to look for in putting an outfit together. She took pictures of these outfits, piled clothing in groups that worked together, and organized my closet in a way that would make dressing myself easier and fun. I now have a reference booklet to browse through whenever I can’t decide what to wear and which also reminds me of what I learned. Cori’s wealth of knowledge, flavoured with a good sense of humour and professional demeanor was all I needed to clear up my wardrobe woes in a fun and effortless way. I can’t wait for the fall and winter clean up!” Samantha

Toronto, Ontario

“As a self employed professional working in a highly competitive field, I wanted a new direction for my business appearance. You only have a few minutes to make a first impression. With so much fashion choice available, Cori Burchell Image Consulting was an excellent choice for a wardrobe update. Cori reviewed my existing wardrobe and gave me great suggestions for my best styles and colour choices.

My consultation with Cori was fun, relaxed and good insight into my own personal style.

I highly recommend an Image consultation with Cori, before your next interview. Business cards, resume and a great updated image.” Patricia

Toronto, Ontario