You’ve got big dreams for your business and life and know that you have to put yourself out there online and be visible.

Whether that means having new lifestyle photos taken for your website or online profile, speaking at a live event or broadcasting on your YouTube channel, you know that getting your message out there is the key to attracting amazing new clients for your business.

In this consultation we’ll make sure that your visual image is in line with that message – so that you can truly make the impact you want.

We’ll discuss the right colours for you to wear, how to style your clothing for your photos, videos and live broadcasts, what to never wear when speaking on stage and much more.

I’ll review the outfits you currently have planned for your photo shoot and make suggestions to uplevel your choices, recommend new pieces to add or create an accessory plan that will add more impact with the clothes you already own.

This is a cutting edge way to stand out from the crowd online and understand what makes you unique and original.


      • you’re planning an upcoming photo or video shoot and aren’t sure what to wear
      • you want to look great but aren’t sure about the best colours or styles to wear
      • you want to put together some great outfits for your regular You Tube or Facebook Live broadcasts and need some style help
      • you will be speaking at an important event and want your presentation to be successful and have a big impact


PERSONAL STYLING: I’ve created outfits for Academy Award winning films and have dressed literally thousands of men and women for film, television and magazines. I’ll bring my “A-game” for you and my 25+ years of experience as a Designer and Stylist.

CLARITY: Your message is important and needs to get out into the world. By having the right visual images you will create a clear and concise message to your ideal audience.

UNIQUE STYLE: You are unique and so is your Personal Style. Let’s accentuate your colouring, your best features, and your personality. We’ll zero in on the clothes that really highlight your best features.

CONFIDENCE: Having your photo taken or being on video isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do … especially if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera. Working with me ahead of time will eliminate the stress of worrying about what to wear. You’ll walk onto stage feeling confident about your outfits so that you can relax and look your best on camera.

I met Cori at a time that I was stressing very much about a photoshoot in Paris. I really was nervous about getting everything looking just right because it was Paris!

I signed up for an intensive with Cori and we spent half a day together. In-between I was sending her photos of hairstyles, dresses, etc. where she would give me fantastic feedback.

When we met on Skype for the intensive, I took her up to my closet and we went over all the clothes we were emailing back and forth about. I was trying on clothes and she was putting things together for me as though she was there. It was phenomenal. Not only that, she did a very in-depth questionnaire whereby I left with certain words to use to enhance my message to my clients when I communicate.

Cori has an impeccable, sophisticated eye for style. She pays attention to details and I cannot encourage you enough to jump on working with her.

Lorna Sophocleous





                            • Detailed Style Assessment Workbook prior to the Call
                            • 2 x Virtual Online ‘Zoom’ or ‘Skype’ video calls
                            • Style and Mood board for your Photoshoot
                            • 5 – 7 Outfits created with your existing wardrobe for your Photoshoot
                            • Shopping suggestions, as necessary
                            • “Planning Your Next Photoshoot” E-book and Checklist

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