opposites attract


One of my absolute favourite ways to style outfits for my clients (and myself) is “Opposites Attract“.   I love taking something rugged, hard, tough or old … and pairing it with something soft, sweet, delicate or new.

High and low.

Ying and Yang.

For Spring 2015 unexpected combinations are standout looks and a great way to infuse your personality and your preferences into some really creative new outfits.

Let me be your fashion mixologist today with inspiration and examples to get you started.

Have a look at your closet tomorrow and see if you can come up with a fresh, new ways to combine opposite elements.


Example:  Flared or bootcut denim pants and a lace dainty top paired with a spring ankle boot in white, and a double breasted jacket.

Where to wear it:  This look is easy to pull off.  It’s a great look for casual weekend wear at the farmers market, running errands or out to lunch with friends.


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Example:  A khaki safari jacket paired with a silky camisole and a blush-toned ballet skirt and flats.   Add a little sparkle with a great jewelled cuff.

Where to wear it:  Try this out at your next gala event, restaurant opening or art event.

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Example:  There’s a twist to the traditional summer floral print dress.  This time it’s in a techno print with a few bold flowers instead of a smaller all over floral pattern.  Pair this with an edgy heel and traditional pearl earrings, and a classic Chanel bag.

Where to wear it:  Try this style when attending a summer reunion gathering or your next dinner date night.

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Example:   Leather motorcycle jacket in soft blush paired with a delicate silk floral blouse, blush heels and a rose gold ring

Where to wear it:  Brunch with friends, casual weekend activities, movie date night

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Example:  Mesh bomber jacket with bold floral print and classic neutral pumps, handbag and accessories

Where to wear it:  To the office for a modern twist on a traditional blazer or jacket

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.08.59 PM


Example:  Army fatigue casual jacket and faded jeans paired with a delicate lace blouse and amazing statement earrings, soft rose lipstick.

Wear to wear it:  Date night or a casual weekend party

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.09.20 PM


I’d love to hear how you’ve styled a fresh new look from your closet this spring …. what’s your favourite ‘opposites attract’ combination?   Let me know in the comments below!