Hi Ladies ….

We all want to get the most mileage out of our wardrobes don’t we….especially once we’ve gotten to the place where we have some better quality pieces.  As elegant, modern chic women in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond we’ve left that stage of running to the mall every weekend to shop, shop, shop and buy whatever has just come into the store.   I remember those days in my 20’s and I see young women do this all the time.  It’s a sure fire way to accumulate too much stuff and nothing to wear!

Sound familiar?

Making the most outfits from every statement piece we buy is the way to maximize your wardrobe dollars and making sure that each piece you own gets used in several ways.

I thought I’d give you a bit of style inspiration today and show you several ways to mix and match a new more fashion forward item.

I liked this Moto jacket and wanted to style it in a few different ways.  I love how the spring blush colour softens the vibe of the moto jacket … and makes it more appealing. It’s a more feminine take on a classic piece and more versatile too.

Ways to Wear the Trend – Version 1 Moto Classic

If you’ve got a classic, traditional style, pair the blush Moto jacket with a beautiful white silk blouse, a great fitting jean in a dark denim, and classic accessories like a great black heel and black sunglasses.

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VERSION 2 – Moto Evening

Try mixing in a more elegant, evening vibe … add a slim, elegant pencil skirt, floral pumps and diamond studs.

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VERSION 3 – Pop of Colour

Add a pop of colour, pattern and texture in this fun combination of fabulous blue pumps and a great dress with this floral and lace combo.




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VERSION 4 – Bold Colour

Use the soft blush colour of the Moto jacket to soften the boldness of a strong graphic print dress, with sleek black patent pumps and chic accessories.


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VERSION 5 – Soft and Sweet Casual


Go with the incredible soft colour of the jacket and add a silky, floral top and casual jeans for a classy, elegant weekend look.

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See how versatile a fun piece like this can be … whether your style is classic, sporty or more chic you can use a fashion forward piece to maximize your style and get more life from the style that’s already in your closet!

Which look would you wear?  Which style(s) do you most closely connect with?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below and please share this post on Facebook with your followers by clicking the share buttons below.