Part 2 of our series of style tips on color is “Medium”….or classic!   Let’s define this color palette as the neutrals and classic pieces that are the building block basics of a great wardrobe.   Black, white, navy, charcoal, red, camel, tan … plus colors that look great on almost everyone like teal, turquoise and coral.   This color palette is not muted or understated…but it’s not over the top bold and vibrant either.   And while the colours are classic, you can still let your personality come thru … whether your style is more feminine, chic, creative, or edgy.   (For Part 1 “Mild” click here)

Feminine Classic

Feminine Classic by starlightcb featuring patent platform pumps

Stay classic with color

There is nothing wrong with loving the classics… fact I think this is where most women over 40 can look their absolute best.   Wearing white and black is classic but can be so interesting and expressive depending on how you put it together. For an understated look, choose a black and white polka dot print in a silky shirtwaist dress. If you want a more dynamic version of this classic combo, make a bold statement when you wear black and white in a boxy cotton poplin color-blocked top over black cigarette pants.   Or try a bold graphic print skirt or dress.

Floral Skirt 1

Floral Skirt 1 by starlightcb featuring long sleeve tops

A perfect color to enhance your quality classic wardrobe pieces is red. A little red goes a long way. Red lips can be dramatic against a backdrop of neutrals. Think of Coco Chanel in a black suit with layers of pearls around her neck and wearing her best shade of red lipstick. Copy that look! Other accents to try are red high heels or patent flats, a red scarf or a red coat. Any one of these items would pair well with black, white, camel, navy, or gray.

Classic 1

Classic 1 by starlightcb featuring skinny jeans

If you feel like classic colors are your thing but you’re feeling like you want just a little bit more excitement in your closet, look for your favorite shades in electrified versions. Find the whitest shade of white or a navy blue that seems just a little brighter than normal. Look for black in a fabric that has lots of sheen. Modern technology has a way of infusing colors with a little more oomph. Make these your new standards.

Floral Dress 1

Floral Dress 1 by starlightcb featuring a floral dress

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