Get noticed with color

A ten-karat yellow diamond might be attention getting, but a far less expensive option for making a statement is using color in strategic ways. Consider carefully choosing bright or unexpected color accents to mix with earth tones, pastels, or neutrals. A simple navy tailored dress with a slim patent leather florescent belt in lime green will instantly grab attention. Or try wearing an all white pantsuit and add a tangerine shawl over your shoulders for a color-confident look.

Color Riot 1

Color Riot 1 by starlightcb featuring a 24 karat gold ring

Are you feeling adventurous about color? How about exploring interesting color mixes. Try a forest green knit top with an apricot-colored pencil skirt. Pair an eggplant purple skinny pant with a camel colored leather jacket.  Wear a chambray blue casual button up shirt and carry an orange-zest patent leather clutch. Have fun with colors and don’t be shy. Your brave color mixology may inspire others to step up their color voltage.

Fun with Color

Fun with Color by starlightcb featuring jimmy choo purses

Bright colored jeans are part of the new fashion evolution. We used to keep skirts and pants to neutral colors like black, gray, or navy blue and look to bright colors to wear in our tops. Now the trend is to reverse that formula. Wear bright colored bottoms with neutral colored tops for a fun color edge.

Find bold prints in a collection of your best personal colors. Think about how a patterned area rug can pull all the colors together that exist in a well-designed living room. Wouldn’t it be great to find a pattern that pulls together your best personal colors? Look for your best shades in graphic prints, floral prints or abstract prints. If you look dynamite in warm tones like olive, tomato red, harvest gold and warm turquoise, see if you can find a big scarf or a printed tunic with those colors in it. If you look best in cool tones like dusty blue, amethyst, soft pink and violet, find a pant, skirt or dress that captures that palette. When you repeat colors that are great on you, you become the spotlight.

Look at stripes in a fresh way. Bold stripes in strong color mixes like tangerine and red or bright blue and lime green will be more eye-catching than the traditional white and navy blue stripe or white and taupe stripe.

Are these style tips and color conversations making you feel like you’re in need of a color update? No problem! I’d be happy to help you. Then we can create some new looks this season that will help you stand out in your “just right” color combinations.

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