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Something happened to me today that was fabulously exciting and I wanted to share this story with you!

It’s about football….(but not really).

First I have to admit that I don’t know much about professional sports….and if you’re
like me you may not know who Bo Jackson is either….(if you’re sports fan reading this I know you’re probably groaning right know … how is it possible to NOT know who Bo Jackson is). Anyway….

Bo Jackson was a professional football player…and a baseball player…and he’s a big deal in the sports world. He’s a highly acclaimed player who won tons of awards and appeared in the ‘Bo knows’ Nike ads

(Who knew?…not me, that’s who! I had to google all that!).

Bo had a particular affinity for Friday the 13th movies and especially the “Jason” character.

(Okay…I know who ‘Jason’ is…but that’s because I had to do some costume research for Bride of Chucky many years ago. I’m not a horror film fan … too scary!).

I digress.

Apparently Bo is one of the nicest athletes ever, but he decided he was going to take on the persona of ‘Jason’ every time he stepped onto a football field. He visualized a blue bolt of energy rising up when he did a particular heel/toe manoeuvre as soon as he walked onto the playing field. Bo is gone, and ‘Jason’ takes over … and that’s probably a really good thing if you’re about to enter into a brutal, competitive sport like professional football.

Leave Mr. Nice Guy behind and become a ‘bone crushing killer, who won’t let anyone stand in your way’.

So what does this have to do with you and me?

In my work as a Success Coach I’ve noticed a really interesting phenomenon. Almost all of the clients that I’ve worked with have gone on to create some spectacular achievements in their lives.

For example, I noticed that with one client, every time we created a higher level of style in her wardrobe, she would get a new promotion within her company.

Another client wasn’t even thinking about dating or relationships, but she met the man of her dreams and got married very shortly after we started working together.

I began to really get excited about the results my clients were getting in their lives and was really in awe of the power of this transformative work. But to be honest, I wanted to understand the science behind this as well. Why did certain clients change so much?

When I learned about “Jason” … aka Bo Jackson … today, I made an important connection. I realized just how life-changing a Virtual Style Consultation can actually be for you and your life.

When we work together in a Style Consultation, we are creating a really powerful style statement that’s 100% true for you …. but it’s also beyond you. It’s the alternative you…the alter ego you. Once you learn where, when and how to use your Style Statement you are going to be putting your “Jason” personality to work everyday.

You … but a different version of you.

It’s the best of science and creativity coming together to bring about powerful change!

I hope you enjoyed today’s “sports” story … I know it was a little different!

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