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There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet, in some of the groups and forums that I participate in, about the 5, 6 and 7 figure income claims that some life coaches are making on-line.

One life coach in particular has posted several blog posts, Facebook posts and even an on-line magazine article to dispute these claims and is asking for a ‘reality check’ about what kind of salary a life coach can make. She seems particularly bent on getting people to be realistic and reasonable about the expected incomes of life coaches.

And … she’s right.

Many people who begin a life coaching business struggle with getting their first few clients, and a reasonable and steady income. In fact, the statistics say that most people who start a coaching business will have given up completely within 3 years. 50% of all new start up business ultimately fail within the first 5 years. Competition is tough, the on-line world is getting noisier, busier and more crowded and it’s hard to stand out.

And yet, every time I read one of her posts or articles, I can’t help but feel myself getting a bit angry. My feathers are ruffled.

Now don’t get me wrong … my coaching business is new and developing and I’m certainly not making a 7-figure income … and I have no idea if I ever will make that kind of income. There aren’t any guarantees in business or life and I have no way of predicting the future for myself or my clients. I haven’t started making income claims for myself or my clients.

But I do know that I don’t subscribe to the mentality of being “normal” in my business. I didn’t decide to start a business so that I could become “average”. And I can’t imagine any entrepreneur beginning a business but only hoping to ever get to a mediocre, average income. Where is the power or imagination in that? If the best a coach wants to achieve is a realistic and normal salary, that sounds like a job to me, not a business.

I happen to actually know some of the 6 and 7 figure coaches that are being discussed. I have personally met several of the coaches who are becoming superstars in the industry and creating incredibly successful businesses for themselves. Their success is real. Their income is real. And I find that incredibly exciting and inspiring.

Yes, these women are “unicorns”. They’re driven, determined, passionate and fierce and they’re determined to be successful in life. Will they last? I don’t know … and neither does anyone else because, guess what, we can’t actually predict the future. I do know that they are genuinely committed to being inspiring female leaders in the world and to becoming extraordinary human beings … and I say a big yes to that.

My goals are big and audacious. My clients goals are big and audacious. And my job is to hold them to their vision of their big dreams and work out a way to get there.

Who would you rather work with? A coach that wants to encourage you to be average? or a coach who wants you to be extraordinary and to really go for your dreams? Because when you become extraordinary, you will inspire other people to become extraordinary too … and then our whole planet will benefit.

Take a lesson in inspiration from the legendary runner Roger Bannister. Before he broke the world record for the 4 minute mile, it was assumed that it could never be done. Bannister did it on May 6, 1954 and became a “unicorn”.

However, just 46 days later, the record was broken again.

Barrister broke the ground and others followed, inspired by his incredible feat.

I am inspired by the “unicorns” in life and I will continue to hold onto and go for my big dreams.

Will I make it? … who knows.

Will it be easy? … probably not.

Do I need to give it all I’ve got anyway? … yes.

So do you!

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