Your image is talking to everyone around you. You might not hear what it’s saying. Worse yet, you may not be aware that your image has a powerful language of its own.

What about your image could be spreading rumors about you? How you dress and groom yourself speaks for you without you saying a single word. It’s not just what you’re wearing but how your clothes fit you.

It’s a fast-paced world out there and decisions are made quickly. What if your image is knocking you down a notch, or two, or 10? Is it time for an image intervention?

Take the Style Quiz and see how you score on this image test. Give yourself two points for every statement that you can say “yes” to.

1. My clothes fit me very well. There is no pinching at the waist, my pant length is right where it needs to be, and the cuffs of my jackets are just right.

2. When people look at me they can tell right away that I’m someone who takes care of details. My shoes are polished, my briefcase is of good quality, and my belt buckle doesn’t show any hints of wear or change in waist size.

3. My facial hair is always trimmed. No one’s confusing me with a wannabe rock star or someone who’s taking a sabbatical from “normal” life and letting himself go. I look the part of someone who’s distinguished, trustworthy, and ready to solve problems.

4. My hair is more than cut, it’s styled by someone who knows how to make me look my best. I’m not expecting to look like a 20-year-old but I do want to look as youthful as I can in this job market.

5. My clothes are always clean and if a shirt needs pressing, it’s pressed. No one has to say to me, “Hey, did you know you have a stain on your tie?” I take care of my clothes. I always present myself in a respectful way.

6. When I shake someone’s hand, I’m never self-conscious. I groom my fingernails and use a hand moisturizer to keep my hands from feeling rough. I know it’s a small detail but it has the potential to say a lot about me.

7. Skin care products for men are not new to me. I know what skin type I have and how best to take care of it. A healthy looking face gives me extra confidence when I’m giving presentations and meeting people for the first time.

8. I know which colours make me look the best. My wardrobe consists of only clothes that help me reflect my best self. Colours that don’t flatter me left my wardrobe long ago.

9. My tailor knows me by my first name. When I purchase clothes I visit my tailor right away because he knows exactly what to do to help me get the best fit. I take pride in knowing that I’m someone who walks out the door every day in clothes that fit well. I never look sloppy or disheveled.

10. I take advice from people who know more about clothing and grooming than I do. In my business world, I know I’m an expert. I want to always look like the expert. I know I can hire professionals who can help me in ways I can’t help myself. It pays to hire an expert.

If you scored 16 to 20 points, you are operating at or nearly at your peak. Your image is supporting you so you’re perceived as the best you can be. Good job!

If you scored 10 to 14 points, you’ve got some understanding about how image works for you or against you in the workplace. With a few tweaks, you’ll be on top of your image game in no time.

If you scored 4 to 8 points, your image is not working in your favor. Don’t panic. Invest in Style and Success coaching and get your image on point. You’ll reap benefits immediately.

If you scored 0 to 2 points, don’t go to work today. Your time is best spent working on your image! Schedule a discovery call with me now. As your Style and Success Coach I will assist you from head-to-toe. I’m not going to change you … you’re fine. But your image is your brand and your brand needs updating. I’m an expert at that and you’re a worthy investment.