money loves attention

I have always loved to travel … from my very first time on a plane as a little girl visiting my relatives in the western part of Canada (I can still remember getting excited about the little salt and pepper shakers on the food tray!) … to my latest trip to Tuscon, Arizona.

I believe travel gets us out of our comfort zone and into our discovery zone … the world is a mighty big place and there’s no place where that becomes more obvious than looking out over the sky, land and sea from thousands of feet up in the air.

We stretch and we grow when we experience something new … and my latest trip was no exception. I stretched, I searched and I shared with 200+ women from all over world in an intensive 3 day workshop about mastering money, from a feminine perspective.

Women think about money differently than men. We attach all kinds of meaning about our worth to our money and tend to have more emotional charge about money.

If we desire to be confident, successful and inspiring women in our businesses and careers, we have to change some of our ideas about money. As women, we must step up and claim our worth in a positive and empowered way and view money as an energetic tool.

Once you shift your mindset from a negative and lack perspective about money, your whole universe shifts along with you.

Take a minute to think about how you feel about your money right now and consider these questions and mindset shifts:

#1 – How you do money is how you do everything.

How do you do money? Take a look at some of the structures you have around money right now. Start with your wallet and pretend a complete stranger was looking at where you symbolically keep your money. What does that wallet say about you? Is it organized? or a mess? Is it big enough…or is everything cramed into a tiny, impractical container that isn’t actually big enough for your requirements. Is it a luxurious representation of you and your desires … or a sad reminder of lack and past mistakes? What are the other ways you “do” money?

#2 – What does it mean to you to be a woman with money?

How would you show up differently in life? How would you treat yourself and others? Would you be kinder, gentler, more expansive? What type of woman would you become? The truth is you’d still be yourself … even if you won the lottery today. If you have a lack mentality … you’d still have a lack mentality. How can you begin to change that type of thinking today? Where could you treat yourself better? Where could you treat others better or more generously? In what ways can you start to shift your mental perspective towards that woman you want to be? Starting moving towards “her” today.

#3 – Money loves attention.

Money is a form of energy and genuinely wants your attention. You can either give money your attention in a positive way … or it will grab your attention any way it can. Giving money your attention means being aware of your finances, setting a regular time to pay attention and care to your money and making smart and informed decisions with the growth and investment of your money. Lack of attention brings problems … that eventually can become big problems, like debt. Think about where in your life you need to show your money more attention. Do you need a system to track your income and expenses? Do you need a debt re-payment plan? Do you need to investigate possible ways to invest your money intelligently, whether that’s real estate, stocks, annuities or savings accounts? Where does your money need your attention?

I’ve made a new commitment to my money … we now have a date every Monday evening, already scheduled into my calendar! Like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs in the past, we’ve had good times and bad … but it’s time for a fresh new start and an up-leveling!

Having an empowered mindset around money is one of my very favorite ways to coach women. Let’s talk … Schedule your Discovery Session right away.