We’ve all heard that saying “without your health you haven’t got anything”…and I know that to be true, both for myself and for my family.

The woman I am featuring today, Lorna Sophocleous, is a client, but also a dynamic Health Coach, who understands the transformational journey a woman makes when she gives up Emotional Eating and starts to take extremely good care of herself.

Lorna’s health care journey began after a messy divorce and she found herself eating for comfort. Who can relate? I’m sure we all know those low moments in life and just how difficult it can be to break free from that cycle.gorgeous at any age, lorna wellness

Lorna has broken free and now just look at that amazing glowing skin! You would never guess that she has just crossed a milestone birthday and is going full blazes forward with her Health Coaching business.goregous at any age, lorna wellness

Our paths crossed in Miami last year at an event for the high level coaching program we are both involved with. I could clearly feel Lorna’s passion and excitement for her growing business. Unfortunately the way she was showing up in her visual materials and on-line presence wasn’t anywhere near as dynamic as Lorna really is.

gorgeous at any age, lorna wellnessWe worked together to clearly define her style and how she was going to communicate that energy in her visual messages.

I think her before and after photos show the transformation this wonderful woman has clearly made and continues to make in her life and her business.

Lorna got the support and help she needed and invested in herself. It wasn’t okay to hide behind emotional eating … And she changed that. It wasn’t okay to project an image that didn’t fit the elegant, and luxurious brand that she is building, so she contacted me for a virtual Style Consultation before her photo shoot in Paris!

I love how Lorna’s photos really tell the story of the strong, gorgeous and energetic woman she is!

If you need help to just finally get your Style clearly defined so that your message and your brand can really sing to your ideal clients, then I’d love to help you. A Style Consultation can be done virtually via Skype, wherever you live in the world.

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If you want to understand more about getting freedom from Emotional Eating,  click here to check out Lorna’s new program!