4 Tips

Classic shopping list
You may have been waiting for the right moment to freshen up your wardrobe basics or to update your classics. Plan that shopping trip and get ready to stock up.

  • The moto jacket never looked better and there are many versions to choose from. The one you buy this year will be in style for years to come.
  • Loafers in flats or heels look great with the menswear fabrics of this season plus they’re comfortable and stable compared to a high heel.
  • The wrap dress created in the 70s satisfied millions of women with curves. Buy one in a color or print that flatters your natural coloring and it will be one of your classic go-to pieces.
  • There’s hardly anything easier than wearing a pantsuit. The matched pieces always give you a put together look in daytime or evening. Get one in a quality fabric and it will last for years.

Quirky shopping list
This is your year to choose from some of the unusual options that don’t show up every season. Not everyone will go for these unique trends but they may be exactly what you’re craving right now.

  • Floppy knit hats add whimsy to an outfit.
  • A print blouse with an unusual motif such as the beetle, butterflies, eyeballs, hearts, or dense florals stands out and maybe even starts a conversation.
  • Capes can be the perfect layering piece for your climate.
  • If you’re still thinking about the over the knee boot from last year, grab it this year.
  • Pajama dressing isn’t going to work for the masses but it’s back again and worth your time to check it out.

Don’t delay shopping list
Sometimes trends just look ridiculous. This year, there are some trends that seem to be invented by real women looking for fashion solutions and ease. Take advantage of this point in time and shop for these fashion fixes.

  • The modest dress has long sleeves and a high neck yet still shows your shape. While sleeveless dresses always need a jacket or cardigan, this one item can make getting dressed super easy.
  • Pullover sweaters are full of ease and personality. A sweater and pant or sweater and skirt is two-piece dressing at it’s best.
  • The second skin boot molds to the size of your calf. It’s lean and sleek and can be worn under pants or can be shown off with skirts or dresses.
  • A simple accessory can accent your outfit, make something old look new again, or create shape in clothes that need more definition. That accessory is this season’s must-have: the belt. Belts can be used on coats, jackets, blazers, dresses, and sweaters. Look for belts that are of high quality. They can be wide, skinny, colored or metallic. You might need a few this year.

“Wait for the sale” shopping list
Some trends start out with problems. Either they require multiple trips to the dry cleaner (which adds to their expense) or they may not have a long lifespan. Other nonessential items will hit the sale rack half way through the season and be nearly half the original price. Timing is everything. Don’t be afraid to wait for these items to go on sale.

  • White bags are usually thought of as a summer accessory. It’s a novel idea to wear a white handbag in the winter. Be very careful when pairing it with your blue jeans because the indigo dye will rub off. Naturally, it’s going to be harder to keep clean so make sure the purchase price is right.
  • A purple, red, or emerald coat adds drama to your grand entrance. These will hit the sale rack after the black, brown and gray ones are long gone. Enjoy the sale price and wear it for many seasons to come.
  • Winter white coats are a great third or fourth option in your coat wardrobe. You won’t wear it as often as a darker colored coat, but when you do, it feels extra special. And that’s worth the purchase but at a discount.
  • Feathered skirts or dresses with feathered detail will need very special handling. They may be delightful to wear but their cost per wear may be high. Better to wait for the red sales tag and cut your losses from the start.

For all your fall shopping needs, I’m here for you. I’ll help you make wise investments in your wardrobe. Let’s get started.