Polish and Edit your Closet 


You deserve to look great everyday.

You deserves to get the maximum value from your clothing investment.

I also subscribe to the idea that it’s okay to “use your best every day” … whether we’re talking about your best china or your best clothes.  Life’s too short to not feel feminine, attractive, hip and sexy in the clothes that you wear everyday.

However, as a Personal Style Coach, I also know the dangers that lurk within our closets when we overbuy and overstuff, causing wasted time and wasted money.  Not good for our wallets and not good for our souls.

I understand the frustration of feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear despite having lots of clothes.

Maybe everything is a different size….just in case you go up or down in size next month, next summer or next year.

Maybe there are too many pieces from that former job or career that you’ve moved on from … and it hurts to think of giving up those expensive pieces.

Maybe you have your eye on a better job, business or career and want your clothes to help get you there.

Maybe you’re just bored with every single item in your closet and want to get rid of everything and start again…(but that would mean going shopping and that doesn’t sound like fun at all anymore)


This fun consultation is a style shake up for women who want to wake up their wardrobe and feel attractive, stylish and polished. Let me show you a simple and easy way to clear the clutter and streamline your closet.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in your wardrobe and while you might have some great clothes, you’re probably feeling tired of the “same old” outfits that don’t excite or inspire you anymore.     You secretly long to look stylish, polished and chic but don’t know where to start with the overstuffed closet of yours.

THE ULTIMATE CLOSET CLEAN OUT  is where your image transformation will begin. I will personally work with you one-on-one in your home in this intensive half day consultation.   

Here’s What we’ll do in our session together: 

1.  Define your Intention.  Where is it you want to go this year?  Who is it you’d like to be?   Your clothes can be a key tool to amazing success in business, relationships and life in general.

2.  Discover Your Style Statement.  Knowing what makes you unique is the first key step in defining your personal style. We will develop your STYLE STATEMENT….the one that broadcasts who you are in all you do.

3.  Eliminate What Doesn’t Work.  Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see what needs to go. I promise to be honest and kind.

4.  Review what fits and what doesn’t.   The reality is that our bodies change.  In fact, they change quite dramatically every 5 years or so.   I would rather you embrace the gorgeous body you have today and dress that body as best you can, rather than hold onto old clothes waiting to lose a few pounds.

5.  Assess what needs to be tailored or altered.    I come equipped with pins, measuring tapes and 20+ years of fashion, costume and sewing experience.  I know what is worth the effort and what isn’t and can show you how small adjustments can make a world of difference.

6.  Embrace a streamlined approach.   The most stylish women in the world embrace a minimalist approach.  That doesn’t mean modern, sharp lines and all black … unless that’s your style.  It means let’s do more with less.


After this session, you’ll be amazed at the style that now lives in your closet.

You’ll have:

  • clarity on your personal style
  • an understanding of what works well on your body and what doesn’t
  • a streamlined, edited closet with room to breathe
  • maximized your investment on the clothes you already own
  • a targeted shopping list for select pieces to add in the future
  • minimized the time you need to spend to look great every day

You’ll discover that you feel the way you really want to feel in your clothes – comfortable, attractive, sexy, hip and confident.  You’ll feel empowered and feminine and better able to share your unique gifts and talents with the world …  which of course makes the world a better place for all of us.

I know you’ll really love your clothes again  and many clients tell me that getting dressed has now become one of the best parts of their day.  Your style will support you in achieving the business, relationship and personal success you want in life and the happier and more confident you feel, the easier your personal growth and development will be.   Your clothing has the power to communicate who you really are to the world … you are what you wear.  Let’s make it easy for you to be strong and successful;  confident and proud;  sexy and attractive in all that you do.

Making an investment in your style and wardrobe with my one-on-one coaching is really making an investment in yourself.   We’ll work together on the “outside” so that you can realize amazing success and growth on the “inside”.

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