Baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964, are all grown up and taking on new jobs, new relationships, and new adventures. They’re expressing parts of themselves that have been dormant or neglected.

Are you a baby boomer? If you are, you might have discovered that your wardrobe hasn’t been able to keep up with the changes to your lifestyle, your body, and your colouring. It happens to lots of people! There’s some catching up to do.

Here is a starter list to address some of the ways your roles have expanded and what your wardrobe can do to help you manage the changes.

Boomer Babe

You’re back on the dating scene. You practically need an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your online dating activity. Clothes are a great way to express the real you. Are you maximizing their potential to speak for you?

A dating wardrobe could include a great, flattering jean that works for casual or dressy-casual dates. Pretty blouses with pattern and colour will bring attention to your face. The right accessories can create interest and play up your personality.

Good fit is essential. Be sure you have clothes that suit your current figure. Look for details that will help highlight your physical attributes. Choose to bring attention to your features and don’t forget to highlight parts of your body like your shoulders, bust, waist, hips, derriere, or legs.

Boomer Babysitter

You’re babysitting the grandkids one day a week and attending all of their extracurricular activities on the side. You need a wardrobe that can bend, climb, and crawl around with the grandkids.

A babysitting wardrobe could include no-iron checked shirts, lightweight cardigan sweaters, a flattering jean rolled up to the ankle and a modern Mary Jane shoe with rubber soles—the better to race around the park in!

Another great outfit could be a long tunic, a thick legging, and a flat riding boot. Wear this to sports events, dance rehearsals, or a birthday party.

Boomer Boss

Being a professional isn’t too tough because you’ve been doing it for a while now. But do you feel like you’ve lost your edge? Has the change in dress code got you doubting yourself? Maybe you’ve got a new position at work and it requires a new look. Looking the part may require a few tweaks to your current style.

An updated work wardrobe can do wonders for your confidence. It could include new tops, jackets, or dresses that incorporate high tech fabrics or fabrics with textural interest. You’re interesting and your clothing pieces can be too! Forget the all-gabardine-all-the-time fabrics of the 80s. Go ahead and add a little flair. Mix modern, interesting pieces with classic work items like a tailored trouser or a blazer and you’ll look so 2015.

Pay attention to how you’re doing your face. While makeup may be more subdued to look modern, it doesn’t mean going bare. Be sure your eyebrows are well defined. Professional waxing or threading will help or do-it-yourself with regular tweezing. Be sure you have the right tools like a magnifying mirror and the correct brow pencil or powder to match your brow color. Update your lip color to adjust for changes in skin tone.

Retired Boomer

Being retired doesn’t mean you’re any less busy. In fact, you may be busier now than ever! Having a wardrobe that’s comfortable but well put together serves you well in your fast paced “relaxed” world.

Your wardrobe could include nice casual pieces, costume jewelry, and more relaxed handbags. You’ll be looking vital and radiant while attending your film class, book group, museum tours, and day trips to the wineries.

Traveling Boomer

Your love for seeing the world takes you on many journeys throughout the year. Your suitcase is practically your closet and packing for a trip is more of a routine than getting your oil changed.

Your wardrobe could include dresses that work for day and night, pants and tops that don’t easily wrinkle, shoes that are functional and stylish. You are the Boomer on the go but you don’t want to look like you’re living out of a suitcase either. Your non-precious accessories add just the right interest. You don’t look like a tourist even though you are one.

Philanthropic Boomer

Your talents are never wasted. You’re serving on boards and busy with fundraising. You need a portion of your wardrobe devoted to gala events and cocktail parties.

Your wardrobe could include a classic navy blue or black gown that works for any last minute invite. Cocktail suits in flattering colors may be your go-to functional pieces. Don’t miss out on your chance to wear all your pearls!

You’re also attending meetings so you need some separates that you can mix and match. Scarves and statement necklaces can add the right amount of interest.

Getting older is looking more and more attractive these days. However, keeping up with a Boomer’s wardrobe needs can be daunting. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be a problem. Just give me a call and I’ll help you be prepared for all the exciting parts of your lifestyle!