I’m a “big” thinker.  

I have always been more interested and excited by the big picture and wide scope or vision for a project.  I like to consider the themes, the far-reaching implications and the bigger vision.

Perhaps it comes from working on feature films for so many years.

Every film project I work on begins with an enticing script that (ideally) brings me into a completely new world.  If it’s a really enticing script, like any good fiction, I get lost in the world of the characters for a time, as they struggle with whatever big challenge has been presented to them.

It’s a very seductive process, to read a script and then work on a film.  The details are sort of there, but there is a lot left to the imagination which only gets filled in once the process of producing the film begins.  

Once I know where they’re going to end up, I get down to business and work collaboratively with all the other departments working on the project to bring that fantasy off the page and into “real” life … or at least to a new level of fantasy.

As the costumes are created and the sets built, the vision comes to life and slowly takes on a new life all it’s own … inspired by, yet different from, the original words on the page.

In my work as a success coach, I’m also a visionary … both for myself and for my clients.

I am inspired by the people I work with and I can “see” how their work can make an impact in the world.  I know that the more people they’re able to reach, the more impact they can have and the more good that can happen.  

Of course sometimes it’s necessary to hunker down and get to the details.  And we do get to the details as well, it’s just that I naturally am inspired by a bigger vision for the creative and amazing women I work with.

Whether or not you are also a ‘big vision’ thinker, I’d like you to take a minute today and challenge yourself to think big.  Think broader.  Think world-wide and global.   Think world change. Think extreme success.

Many women start off their businesses with too narrow of a vision and that can run out of steam fairly quickly.  Small vision can run short of passion or excitement.

It’s our big vision that gives us inspiration and motivation when the going gets tough.  When we have a big challenge to overcome or a difficult problem to solve.  Our big vision is our “why” … why are we doing everything it is we are doing.

Often when I start working with women, their dreams are not big enough and are bogged down in the minutiae of running a business … getting more clients, more opt-ins on a website, more seats filled for a presentation.  Those are all important and critical details of a successful business, but the answers to those details won’t provide you with passion.

I challenge my clients to think of their businesses in terms of the bigger, global contribution that they can make. In working with me, they learn to confidently stretch their dreams just a little bit farther, a little bit grander and more successful.

I want to know what would fill them up, light them up and really, really excite them.  

I’m asking you those same questions today and challenge you to dream a bigger dream for your life.  

What is your bigger vision?  

Where would you like to have more impact?  

How could you help more people?  Solve bigger challenges?

It is possible and doable for you … but it starts with your dreams.  

Dream a bit bigger today!

Need some help with your vision or clarity for your business?  Schedule a discovery call with me today.  Let’s work together create your business with the impact and success that you really desire.  

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