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My name is Cori Burchell and I’m a Style and Image Coach for professionals who want to be polished, chic and casually elegant!

My amazing clients get great results on the outside (gorgeous personal style, attracting high end clients for your business, personal branding that matches your style and your vision, photos and websites that communicate your message) as well as the inside (feeling more confident, having a mindset for success, feeling like a visionary entrepreneur)!

I believe that when the inside and the outside are perfectly aligned, magic happens and success is inevitable.  I’ve been dubbed the Serendipity Style and Success Coach!

What results can I expect from working with a Style and Image Coach?

How would feeling attractive, successful, and confident change your life and the goals you want to achieve?

Would you like to be clear about your style …  for your wardrobe or for your personal brand?

How about landing a the perfect new job or a great promotion?

Or increasing your sales to 6 figures and beyond?

Would you like to work with clients that really ‘get’ you and have branding and a website that consistently attract your ideal clients?

Do you want to feel comfortable giving presentations, speeches or recording videos and livestreams?

My clients have achieved all of the above and much more!


Personal Stylist and Brand Coach

As a Style and Image Coach what I love most is coaching amazing women (just like you) to have great style so that they feel confident and attract great opportunities in life and business.

I am an award-winning Costume Designer and Costume Supervisor (on big blockbuster films), including the Academy Award winning film Chicago, (which won the Oscar for Best Costume Design!)

I’m a fashion and style expert … I’ve designed a clothing line, styled television commercials and magazine articles, marketed and sold cosmetics and jewellery, and worked with thousands of actors, actresses, executives and entrepreneurs.

Travel is one of my passions and I’m grateful that my work has taken me all over the world to collaborate and work on award-winning films … Budapest, Shanghai, London, Cairo and Greece plus locations all over the USA and Canada.  #workfromwhereever

Throughout my career I’ve coached, guided and mentored women to be better leaders, be more visible and confident in their jobs and to achieve their career and financial goals.

I’ve worked famous people and celebrities while being ‘behind the scenes’ at some amazing places. As you can imagine, I have a lot of stories to share and inspire YOU with!

Personal Stylist and Brand Coach

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