Here are nine ways you may feel discouraged about your wardrobe.

9 Common Ways to Get Discouraged About Your Wardrobe … and the Solution for you!

We’ve all had those days when we’ve opened up our closet doors and felt unhappy about nearly everything in there. For some of us it’s just a once-in-a-while occurrence but for others it’s more chronic than that. Can you relate? Here are nine ways you may feel discouraged about your wardrobe.

1. You look inside your wardrobe and see all the clothes that still have hang tags on them. You mentally calculate all the money you’ve spent on things you’ve never worn and you feel sick to your stomach.

2. You’re planning to wear something to a special occasion. You go to try it on and it doesn’t fit. You hastily look for alternatives and now you’re in a panic: you can’t find anything to wear and you’re out of time to shop for something new.

3. You love nearly everything you own but you rarely put an outfit together that garners a compliment. How does this even make sense?

4. You’re sure you bought that simple, black blouse that would be perfect to wear today with your leopard print skirt only you can’t find it. You shuffle through your hangers; you look on the floor of your closet; you even check the trunk of your car. You can’t find what you know you have and it’s driving you crazy.

5. You look inside your closet and say out loud, “I don’t want to wear any of this!” You do this a few times a week.

6. Your high school daughter is borrowing all of your clothes and not putting anything back. Is this a mother-daughter issue or could it be that you don’t have age-appropriate clothes in your wardrobe? You wonder whether or not you should curb your Forever 21 shopping sprees.

7. You choose clothes and get dressed but when you step outside to join your friends, you feel underdressed and kind of embarrassed. You wonder why you just don’t seem to get it right anymore.

8. You have a habit of not taking care of your wardrobe to-do list that includes alterations, dry cleaning and simple mending. You have great things you could be wearing but they’re collecting dust in that to-do pile in your closet.

9. Your wardrobe seems all wrong. You could pack it up and give it to someone else because nothing in your closet is “you” anymore.

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