dec 17

What do the holidays, the end of the year, an end of a season, Labour Day, and Memorial Day all have in common? Sales! But before jumping on the sale bandwagon and splurging on great discounts, be cautious, be aware and be patient.

How do you do that? Read these guidelines for post holiday sale shopping carefully before bringing all those discounted items up to the cash register.

1. Be true to your size. Shop for the body you have now, not the body you assume you’ll have after you lose those holiday pounds or after your New Year’s detox. The only exception is if you love the item so much and it’s close to fitting. If you are confident that simple alterations will make it fit you perfectly, then go for it. But remember that extensive alteration charges added to the price of the item will make your bargain price disappear.

2. Know the return policy. Huge department stores and well-known brand name stores usually have a great return policy but some items are truly final sales and you won’t be able to return them. Boutiques usually offer store credit at best and sale items may not be returnable. Consignment stores usually have a no return policy. Hopefully you love what you buy and will wear it but recognize from the start what type of return policy makes you feel most comfortable so you won’t be disappointed.

3. An incredible sale can be a huge deception. Sale items that are practically discounted to nothing may seem like steals but there is a reason why they are marked down. If you buy something and never wear it, that incredibly outrageous sale item is a 100% bad investment.

4. Check out websites before perusing racks. If you are planning to go shopping at a specific store, check out their website first. You may be able to find a coupon to use, a scheduled extra discounted day, or something that is on sale only online.

5. Know your inventory before investing in more. What items are missing from your wardrobe and what items are you well stocked up on? When shopping, we tend to load up on the items that we are familiar with and most likely have a version of them already. Make an inventory list of what you need and shop sales with an intention of filling your needs first.

6. Fitting it in with ease. Before saying yes to a sale item, ask yourself if it will slide right into your wardrobe. If you can wear it with other pieces you already own, then it’s a keeper. If the piece will make you have to shop for supporting pieces, the sale item just turned expensive.

7. Turn bargains into bodacious outfits. Let me help you shop those taunting sales and get you into what’s right for your wardrobe. Or if you’ve done your bargain shopping and need help getting your sales items to work into your wardrobe, I can help get you create great looking outfits that you can wear now. Let’s make ten new outfits using your new pieces. I’ll help you truly enjoy your bargains!