Do you need some inspiration for creating new outfits?

My clients want to look chic and stylish, but have a hard time knowing what new trends they like and how to mix new pieces in with the old.

One of the great things I love to provide my clients with is inspiration boards for new outfits. They can easily take the inspiration from the style boards (similar to the ones below) and either follow the outfit exactly … or take the “mood” of the look and re-create it with their own pieces. Sometimes it means a bit of shopping on-line to add a particular style that you love. And sometimes that can be just shopping in your closet and seeing old pieces with fresh eyes.

5 Great Dresses, Wear Them This Way

1. Shirt waist dress in camel with spectator flats, a simple chain belt at the waist and a great bag
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.27.36 PM

2. Color-blocked mod shift in bright hues with colorful chunky ankle boot.
ColourBlocked Mod

3. Fit and flair long sleeved lightweight wool dress in mocha with matching suede boots and a brown-fringed bag.
4. A leather shift that can be worn as a jumper or teamed up with a patterned collared blouse.
5. A super casual sweatshirt dress with a bright shoe and playful witty bag.
Sweatshirt Dress

5 Great Pants, Wear Them This Way

1. High-waisted 70’s style brocade flared pant paired with a black knit top and an aviator cropped leather jacket trimmed with fur.
2. Waisted narrow cropped pant with a tucked in white shirt, suspenders and a narrow tie, and a classic wool-knee length coat.
3. Wide legged silk pant with matching long sleeved loose top that creates a column of color; add a dramatic collar necklace.
4. A voluminous top with a leather legging; match your shoe to the legging.
5. Jacquard paisley pants with a white ruffled shirt and lace up booties.

5 Great Jackets, Wear Them This Way

1. Fitted collarless V-neck jacket with flouncy feminine skirt and ankle wrapped heels.
2. A black laced leather jacket with a black turtleneck and racer stripe leather skirt.
All Black
3. A brown and grey jacquard jacket with a brown leather belt and charcoal trousers.
4. A waist length velvet tuxedo jacket with a plaid long maxi skirt and a silk blouse.
5. A double-breasted wool jacket in red paired with a cropped black pant and chunky oxford booties.

5 Great Accessories, Wear Them This Way

1. Over the elbow soft leather gloves with a simple chemise.
2. A mink, rabbit or faux fur cowl collar over a cropped sweater, flared jean and cowboy boots.
3. Black leather, super wide belt (cummerbund style) over multi-print dress or mixed print skirt and top.
4. Add suspenders to your slacks and white shirt, and while you’re at it add a tie too.
5. Wear a pendant necklace over a high neck, minimalist long sleeve dress and carry your lipstick, phone and cards in a macro bag.

5 Great Dramatic Coats, Wear Them This Way

1. Native American tribal print bathrobe coat over a simple black fitted dress with a fringe heeled bootie.
Mosaic Coat
2. Big collar teal furry swing ¾ length coat with a matching teal dress and camel colored bootie.
3. White longhaired combed faux shearling full-length coat with a white wool sheath dress.
4. Faux fur skunk print full-length belted coat paired with a black sweater and cropped white wool narrow pant and black-heeled Mary Jane’s.
5. Black lace trench coat with killer accessories and black stilletto booties.
Black lace burberry coat