This week’s style question is from a new subscriber Annette…..thanks for the great question Annette!

Dear Cori:
I’m working on establishing a smaller more focused wardrobe suited to me. Following “must have lists” hasn’t worked out well for me. (I have ended up demoting pieces to exercise wear or gardening wear. )

Hi Annette….thanks for your question!

It’s easy enough to find great blog posts or Pinterest images of the best ‘must have lists’…usually filled with a great list of the ‘classics’ like the one below:


march 14But one problem with the ‘classics’ lists is…..what if your style isn’t classic?   How do we infuse our personality and style into a smaller wardrobe?   That’s a bit tricker isn’t it?

I fully endorse your goal of having a smaller, more focused wardrobe….that just makes life much easier.   Embrace ‘minimalism’….but by minimal I mean quantity, not minimal in terms of style.

In order to work with less clothes, you’ll need to edit more!  Here are 3 tips to manage a smaller, more focused wardrobe:

1.  Start with a great colour palette – narrow your choices.  In my example I’ve chosen a warm toned palette with a few basic neutrals….yellow, gold, red and orange…plus white, black and tan as my neutrals.

2.  Be really clear about your ‘style’…classic, feminine, edgy, preppy, etc.  Let’s call my example ‘Bohemian Classic’….a few classic pieces mixed with a few ‘bohemian’ feeling pieces.

3.  Think of creating a collection of 10 – 15 main pieces that work together in terms of colour, and style.   Those pieces are going to be 3-4 bottoms-either pants, skirts or both; 4-6 tops;  2-3 jackets; a coat and a dress.    Then you’ll add in accessories, and shoes…which will extend the life of these pieces, plus add in more of your personality.

Warm Tones- Spring

Warm Tones- Spring by starlightcb featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors