Where do you want to have impact?

Your career? Your on-line business? or in a more personal way, like your next date or social event.

Clothes can be used to create impact for you, to speak the language of the symbolic, the subliminal and the creative.

In the Style Consultation, I work with successful women and men who want to learn to use style and their wardrobe to communicate their personal presence and create a strong image.

In business today you also must present your best self in your digital presence, like webinars, YouTube videos, Facebook and other popular social media channels. Let’s review how you are presenting yourself in your on-line communications and make sure that you’re presenting the best possible version of you.



  • What message your current image and style is communicating (is it the message you really want?)
  • Simple steps to improve and up-level your image and executive presence
  • Personal style tips for your specific body shape and colour
  • Which designers or brands work best for you

I met Cori at a time that I was stressing very much about a photoshoot in Paris. I really was nervous about getting everything looking just right because it was Paris!

I signed up for an intensive with Cori and we spent half a day together. In-between I was sending her photos of hairstyles, dresses, etc. where she would give me fantastic feedback.

When we met on Skype for the intensive, I took her up to my closet and we went over all the clothes we were emailing back and forth about. I was trying on clothes and she was putting things together for me as though she was there. It was phenomenal. Not only that, she did a very in-depth questionnaire whereby I left with certain words to use to enhance my message to my clients when I communicate.

Cori has an impeccable, sophisticated eye for style. She pays attention to details and I cannot encourage you enough to jump on working with her.

Lorna Sophocleous

Detailed Welcome Package and Pre-session Assessment

My personalized feedback on your current image and on-line presence and how it affects your business or career

A clearly defined Style Statement to use as the first step in dressing well and creating your authentic image

A customized follow-up on the steps needed for improvement or change to your image

A one-hour private on-line coaching session via Skype


$497.00 USD