Success & Style go Hand-in-Hand

Claim Your Power and Learn to Stand Out in Your Career & Personal Brand


My name is Cori Burchell and I’m a Style and Success Coach. I specialize in helping women transform their lives by discovering and embracing their unique, personal style.


The ultimate transformational success formula I’ve developed for my clients is this: feel amazing about your authentic beauty and feminine power by improving your appearance (the outside), plus, master your internal mindset and remove any limiting beliefs so that you can welcome success in every area of your life.

You’ll get clear on your look & style and improve your personal presence. I’ll help you rewire your mindset for success and reprogram any self-sabotaging habits. You’ll feel confident and empowered.

Whether you need help dressing for the success you’ve already achieved or you feel your current style is holding you back on your journey to future success, I want to help you feel confident in your wardrobe and passionate about the life you’re living in and out of the office.

So let’s get started! It’s time to improve your external image and your internal confidence.

Stand out, speak your truth.

Let me help you be a force in the world.

Introducing My Style & Success 90-Day Coaching Package

I created this program to help female professionals and entrepreneurs reclaim their confidence and own their unique style to develop and embody an attitude of success.

Let me share my experience and expertise to help you:

  • Get clear on your unique, personal style
  • Learn wardrobe skills to maximize your feminine beauty and authentic style & colour
  • Learn and practice extreme self-care
  • Step out boldly and confidently and embody YOUR vision of success
  • Develop the confident woman mindset and achieve your life and business goals
  • Become the empowered leader you know that you truly are

Through the years, I’ve dressed and styled 1000’s of clients and I’m a pro at maximizing and stretching a wardrobe to create a multitude of outfits. I’m a Success Coach and expert at helping you take that confident, powerful image and leveraging it to create the career and life you want for yourself.