Hello again and welcome to part 2 of my Fall Fashion Overview! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on the highlights of some of the trends for Fall 2015 … if you missed it you can find it here: Fall Fashion Overview-Inspiration for your Fall Wardrobe Today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Read More

Fall Fashion Overview – Inspiration for your Fall Wardrobe Fall is in full swing now and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights and trends that you can expect to find in stores now. You can use this post as a guide to inspire you and to seek out some of the Read More


There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet, in some of the groups and forums that I participate in, about the 5, 6 and 7 figure income claims that some life coaches are making on-line. One life coach in particular has posted several blog posts, Facebook posts and even an on-line magazine article to Read More


I may be late to the party, but I’ve recently discovered a wonderful new daily practise called THE MIRACLE MORNING. Have you heard of it? The Miracle Morning is based on author Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning, and it’s a simple, straightforward way to start your day by setting yourself up for success. I’ve Read More

What I Learned from Bo Jackson about Style

Something happened to me today that was fabulously exciting and I wanted to share this story with you! It’s about football….(but not really). First I have to admit that I don’t know much about professional sports….and if you’re like me you may not know who Bo Jackson is either….(if you’re sports fan reading this I Read More

Be Visible and Go for your Dreams

What happens when you decide to become visible and to really go for your dreams? I’d like to introduce you to a lovely friend of mine, Body Transformation and Life Coach Julia Evans. Julia and I met in Miami last December at an event for the high level coaching academy I am attending this year, Read More

Gorgeous at any age

We’ve all heard that saying “without your health you haven’t got anything”…and I know that to be true, both for myself and for my family. The woman I am featuring today, Lorna Sophocleous, is a client, but also a dynamic Health Coach, who understands the transformational journey a woman makes when she gives up Emotional Read More

New Ways to Wear a Spring Trend – The Moto Jacket

NEW WAYS TO WEAR A SPRING TREND – THE MOTO JACKET Hi Ladies …. We all want to get the most mileage out of our wardrobes don’t we….especially once we’ve gotten to the place where we have some better quality pieces.  As elegant, modern chic women in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond we’ve left Read More

Did you know Opposites Attract this Spring?

OPPOSITES ATTRACT One of my absolute favourite ways to style outfits for my clients (and myself) is “Opposites Attract“.   I love taking something rugged, hard, tough or old … and pairing it with something soft, sweet, delicate or new. High and low. Ying and Yang. For Spring 2015 unexpected combinations are standout looks and Read More


Oprah’s Creative Director Adam Glassman has got me fired up! I just watched one of the style advice videos where he answers a reader’s request for a little bit of style help. I’m a Style and Success coach and a Personal Brand expert to women executives and entrepreneurs and in my opinion this style advice Read More

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