New Ways to Wear a Spring Trend – The Moto Jacket

NEW WAYS TO WEAR A SPRING TREND – THE MOTO JACKET Hi Ladies …. We all want to get the most mileage out of our wardrobes don’t we….especially once we’ve gotten to the place where we have some better quality pieces.  As elegant, modern chic women in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond we’ve left Read More

Did you know Opposites Attract this Spring?

OPPOSITES ATTRACT One of my absolute favourite ways to style outfits for my clients (and myself) is “Opposites Attract“.   I love taking something rugged, hard, tough or old … and pairing it with something soft, sweet, delicate or new. High and low. Ying and Yang. For Spring 2015 unexpected combinations are standout looks and Read More


Oprah’s Creative Director Adam Glassman has got me fired up! I just watched one of the style advice videos where he answers a reader’s request for a little bit of style help. I’m a Style and Success coach and a Personal Brand expert to women executives and entrepreneurs and in my opinion this style advice Read More

What’s the right thing to wear to work?

  What’s the Right Thing to Wear to Work? Have you ever felt confused about fashion choices in the workplace? You can usually point to something that isn’t appropriate while still having a hard time figuring out what the new standards are. The bottom line is that we all want to be respected and to Read More

Natural Style Archetype Part 3 – The Risk Taker

The Risk-taker Your goal isn’t to push other people’s buttons, but to fearlessly express yourself.   To express your natural style archetype.  You’ll expand the boundaries of what’s possible. If you aren’t entirely understood by everyone, you don’t need to be.   Strong, independent and still feminine. 1. 3.1 Philip Lim 2. Pinterest – Read More

Fashion Style Archetypes Part 2 – The Preppy Chic

The Preppy Chic This is not LL Bean but you’re drawn to tradition. For this fashion style archetype think classic with a twist.  Taking those traditional elements and combining them with menswear details or refined chic tailoring. It comes naturally to you to be on time, organized and pulled together. You can find security in Read More

Fashion Style Archetypes   I’m not a big fan of following fashion trends or advising my clients to shop for whatever is “in” each season.   But I am a big fan of understanding your Style Personality (or your Fashion Style Archetype) and dressing in a unique way that expresses your personality.    It’s a Read More

Why People Talk About Your Clothes and Not You

It happens more often than you might realize. What someone’s wearing can be a stumbling block for clear communication. If something about your outfit is “off” or confusing, the result can be that you appear unapproachable or out of touch with your own identity. On the other hand, when clothes fit, flatter, and express your Read More

Tips for the In-Between Fashion Season

It’s that time of year. You look in your closet and nothing looks fun or interesting. You’re sick of your wardrobe, your skin needs some vitamin D, and you’re ready to come out of hibernation. But how do you put spring in your fashion step when the weather’s not cooperating? No worries! Here’s a guide Read More

Get noticed with color A ten-karat yellow diamond might be attention getting, but a far less expensive option for making a statement is using color in strategic ways. Consider carefully choosing bright or unexpected color accents to mix with earth tones, pastels, or neutrals. A simple navy tailored dress with a slim patent leather florescent Read More