Fashion Style Archetypes Part 2 – The Preppy Chic

The Preppy Chic This is not LL Bean but you’re drawn to tradition. For this fashion style archetype think classic with a twist.  Taking those traditional elements and combining them with menswear details or refined chic tailoring. It comes naturally to you to be on time, organized and pulled together. You can find security in Read More

Fashion Style Archetypes   I’m not a big fan of following fashion trends or advising my clients to shop for whatever is “in” each season.   But I am a big fan of understanding your Style Personality (or your Fashion Style Archetype) and dressing in a unique way that expresses your personality.    It’s a Read More

Why People Talk About Your Clothes and Not You

It happens more often than you might realize. What someone’s wearing can be a stumbling block for clear communication. If something about your outfit is “off” or confusing, the result can be that you appear unapproachable or out of touch with your own identity. On the other hand, when clothes fit, flatter, and express your Read More

Tips for the In-Between Fashion Season

It’s that time of year. You look in your closet and nothing looks fun or interesting. You’re sick of your wardrobe, your skin needs some vitamin D, and you’re ready to come out of hibernation. But how do you put spring in your fashion step when the weather’s not cooperating? No worries! Here’s a guide Read More

Get noticed with color A ten-karat yellow diamond might be attention getting, but a far less expensive option for making a statement is using color in strategic ways. Consider carefully choosing bright or unexpected color accents to mix with earth tones, pastels, or neutrals. A simple navy tailored dress with a slim patent leather florescent Read More

3 Tips to Manage a Smaller, More Focused Wardrobe

This week’s style question is from a new subscriber Annette…..thanks for the great question Annette! Dear Cori: I’m working on establishing a smaller more focused wardrobe suited to me. Following “must have lists” hasn’t worked out well for me. (I have ended up demoting pieces to exercise wear or gardening wear. ) Sincerely, Annette Hi Read More

Part 2 of our series of style tips on color is “Medium”….or classic!   Let’s define this color palette as the neutrals and classic pieces that are the building block basics of a great wardrobe.   Black, white, navy, charcoal, red, camel, tan … plus colors that look great on almost everyone like teal, turquoise and coral. Read More

How to Wear Printed Denim This Spring

I got this question and photo from Megan last year.  Although the printed pant she bought isn’t available any more…there are plenty of new options this year….including bold prints, bigger sized graphics, floral prints and coloured denim.  The ‘printed pant’ trend is staying with us for awhile and I like it! It’s a nice change Read More

Do you have a friend who’s happy wearing shades of black and gray every day? Do you have another friend who’s having a love affair with color, wearing the brightest and boldest shades possible? Maybe you’ve noticed someone else who wears sophisticated shades of color but always has a colorful accent somewhere in her outfit. Read More

Have you ever wanted to ask a top fashion stylist a question about your own wardrobe or style challenge?  I’ve received some great style questions and comments recently, and I thought I would do a series of blog posts to answer them.  If you’d like to get your question answered, or a personalized outfit plan Read More