My name is Cori Burchell and I’m a Life Coach


I help women lose weight and stop emotional overeating for good. My clients learn how to feel confident, attractive and excited about life again. 

I call it ‘getting your gorgeous’ back … and it’s available for every woman who wants to  

My system is unique and my clients get great results  … not only do they lose the weight but they learn how to feel attractive and gorgeous once again. Imagine feeling more confident, energetic and magnetic to the best that life has to offer.

I believe that when the inside and the outside are perfectly aligned, magic happens and success is inevitable.  I’ve been dubbed the Serendipity Coach because great things just “seem” to happen to my clients!

What results can I expect from working with a Life Coach?

  • You’ll shed the weight for good and lose the desire to overeat
  • You’ll feel more attractive and confident with your appearance
  • You’ll have the inner confidence to go for the goals you want to achieve
  • You’ll feel clearer, more focused and excited about dating and starting a new relationship


life coach for women
life coach for women

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